Wedding Singer

Wedding Singer

Aged Care Entertainment

by Frank The Singer


"Great Entertainer& Interaction"

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About The Show
Frank's "Wonderful One-Hour One-Man Show" is perfect for Aged Care and Nursing Homes. His show contains classic songs (from Frank's good friends Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Nat King Cole, Doris Day, Buddy Holly, Elvis Presley, Patsy Cline, Perry Como, Louis Armstrong & many more) and charm as Frank gently interacts with the audience.

Residents know most of the song songs, and often join in :)

Frank loves dancing, and often dances solo whilst some in the audience join in by "dancing with your hands" (Frank is very careful, however, not force anyone).

Frank walks through the audience .... (being very careful not to wake anyone up :) ....and sometimes can't resist giving a flower to the ladies.

This show is perfect entertainment as a fun and interactive show in the 'day room' at aged-care or nursing homes facilities.

Frank's equipment is compact, self-contained & safe - all he needs is one power point.

Note that Frank has all required paperwork in place:

  • National Police Check
  • Working With Children check
  • $20 million Public Liability Policy in place.

About Frank
Frank is a performer with over 20 years experience as a singer, musician & entertainer.

He is very experienced in performing in the Aged-care sector, and has experience with limited function and dementia.

He has full public liability insurance and his equipment is safe and secure.

Full "National Police Check" & "Working with Children" documentation in place.

He uses the best-quality backing tracks to provide the wonderful music he loves performing to.

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(0422) 726 594


Testimonials .....

19 July 2013 - 'Good Old Fashioned Sing-a-long'...
Lauriston Aged Care, Carnegie

Lifestyle Coordinator

5 Mar 2013 - 'Come Fly With Me'... at Chesnut Gardens
Chesnut Gardens, Doveton

Lifestyle Coordinator
Chesnut Gardens

31 Dec 2012 - New Years Eve Party (during the daytime :)
The Gables, Riversdale Road, Camberwell

Lifestyle Coordinator
The Gables
Riversdale Road

13 May 2012
The Gables, Riversdale Road, Camberwell - MOTHERS DAY

Dear Frank

Your performance for Mothers Day was wonderful - just what we were after!

It really made Mother's Day for the residents

Lifestyle Coordinator
The Gables
Riversdale Road

...and we would like to sincerely thank you for the wonderful performances at the Wesley Do Care Christmas functions, we have had fantastic feedback.

Your music, professionalism and interaction with the guests certainly helped make these events successful.

Lorraine H
Wesley Do Care Team

From Sambell Lodge, the Brotherhood, July 2010